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Vahlsing Inc. is seeking high risk accredited investors that might be interested in a Pre-IPO investment strategy. We are seeking serious private sophisticated financiers / accredited angels for start-up monies / working capital to cover all costs pertaining to Vahlsing expenditure needs. You must be a high risk speculator, a gambler here in the USA with lots of moolah. An angel that wouldn't be financially hurt if you lost your investment with us.

Vahlsing Inc. is seeking to raise private capital up to $13,000,000 U.S. dollars before its new IPO.

Vahlsing Inc. is seeking minimum $1,000,000 U.S. dollars Pre-IPO high risk experienced accredited investors ONLY for startup capital and for various projects via a private placement subscription agreement contract.

No lenders. Accredited investors only.    


History of Vahlsing Inc. (our plans include a new IPO):

Vahlsing Inc. is a USA corporation (rebirth / born again) new company when it files it's new Initial Public Offering (IPO) with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC); and must be treated as a brand new corporation. Even though it was my family's old public company; and our name "VAHLSING" has a history producing French fries, tater tots and hash browns back in the years 1950's, 1960's, 1970's at our Easton Maine plant here in the USA.



The motion picture industry is very lucrative; as there is a population of over seven billion; and many of them are watching movies; and when a movie is distributed; it is available in and on all kinds of media products; in movie theaters, for sale in stores and on the internet, for rent on pay-per-view cable TV, for rent from stores, for rent off of the internet and for rent out the "Redbox" vending machines that are everywhere. Also you can capitalize on other marketing opportunities associated with major motion picture properties including and not limited to the publishing and promotion of each feature film's associated music; to include with and/or separately the marketing of original songs and/or classical music and/or other audio on sound tracks for use in promotion and/or sound track albums; the sale of unique merchandise associated with the major motion pictures; and to include and not limited to the licensing of the major motion pictures merchandising rights to increase revenue. 

1-     It is the idea to raise capital through a new Initial Public Offering (IPO) to produce major motion pictures; 

2-   AND to include in our IPO prospectus the raising of capital for the purchase of raw land (preferably in northeast New Mexico / southeast Colorado USA) to build a sizeable private airport with huge hangars and other multi-commercial structures and infrastructures -- (this multi-commercial real estate development with private airport would be a multi-use business development. For use as a major motion picture studio; for use as a private airport; for use as the research, development and manufacturing of Energy Device products and any other inventive technology. This multi-commercial real estate development with private airport will also be the headquarters of Vahlsing. And this private airport / business park multi-commercial development will include and not be limited to commercial office & manufacturing buildings, hospitals, malls, apartments, schools, hotels (to include casinos, amusement park & wild animal habitat, sports complexes, etc., etc, in the future when and if we get the sanction to do so). I would like to also include an observatory on this site; as that, the future of our earth's continued existence is hidden out in the universe. This private airport / business multi-commercial development site will be unlimited to whatever uses that Vahlsing feels it wants to accomplish. The only limitations for this property are limitations by the USA Federal, State and Local governments when Vahlsing seeks building permits to build certain structures and infrastructures). 



1-     Other investments in real-estate -- including and not limited to Industrial, Commercial, Residential (land purchases, new developments and existing properties);

2-   Investments R&D and manufacturing of other new inventions and technology that will improve the well being and comfort of the worlds people;

3-   Investments in the food industry;

4-   Including and not limited to investments in other industries when those opportunities come our way. Vahlsing is structured as a diversified conglomerate. 


NOTE: The major motion picture business is very volatile besides real estate and other industries. This is a high risk / high return unsecured / non-recourse opportunity. We suggest that you do not put all your eggs in one basket; just for fear that Vahlsing is overcome with bad luck. 

The IPO capital raising is more constructive; and involves long term real estate developing and inventive technology endeavors than merely providing backing for a particular film or many motion pictures. Vahlsing's future plans are creating a new stock issue of outstanding 400,000,000 shares; of which a part (percentage) of this outstanding stock will be put into a new Initial Public Offering (IPO) -- 80,000,000 shares common stock. Stock offering price under $5.00 each share ($4.99); putting the stock in the penny stock class. Total estimated capital raised from the new IPO $399,200,000 U.S. dollars (more or less total capital raised depending on the market and economic conditions; and depending if a merchant banker is participating). These figures are ideas; and can change during the stages of putting together the legal prospectus for Vahlsing Inc.'s IPO. Starting the offer in the penny stock / pink sheets to attract the daily habitual "Day Trader" gamblers to take advantage of the low stock price. The "stock exchanges" are high roller gambling casinos and must be treated as such. I hope the high roller traders experience a fad for Vahlsing (and its "Siberian Tigers" are running ferocious daily). 

I am sentimental about my family's business history; as I worked alongside my father when our companies were active. That in itself is a book. One of many examples is an old news tidbit about my family's companies:,4254451

What is nice is that the annual report will contain the history of VAHLSING. Whatever anyone thinks, it was a thriving business in its years of producing French fries, tater tots and hash browns back in the years 1950's, 1960's, 1970's at our Easton Maine plant as mentioned above.  

Start-up unrestricted financing (unsecured / non-recourse) in the amount of $1,000,000 U.S dollars is what Vahlsing is seeking from each sophisticated accredited investor for this Pre-IPO opportunity. This financier must be in the financial position to lose their investment should this business start-up does not work out; and if this business start-up is successful as planned; the investor could become delighted depending on their personality.



Vahlsing Inc. is a USA corporation and its re-birth new birthday is Oct. 13, 2010. Vahlsing has no financials and no liabilities. Please send for the Vahlsing business plan (with subscription agreement) if you are a high risk "accredited investor" (minimum $1,000,000 U.S. dollars per each investor). The Vahlsing business plan is to be treated as the "Investor Memorandum".  


The best way to approach us is by email:  

( satisfy a paper trail). 


Vahlsing Inc. is an unsecured / non-recourse high risk investment opportunity; but high roller gamblers love these sorts of exciting investments; as these high risk opportunities could bring high returns. Vahlsing is seeking angels willing to provide Pre-IPO high risk seed monies (minimum $1,000,000 U.S. dollars) based on its business plan. It is very difficult finding "serious" high risk investors; as they are looking for guarantees. Vahlsing does not guarantee any investment.

In Addition, under no circumstances do any statements here represent a recommendation to buy or sell Vahlsing  securities or to make any kind of an investment. You are responsible for your own due diligence. To summarize, Vahlsing nor does Christina M. Vahlsing provide investment advice, nor do we make any claims or promises that any information herein will lead to a profit, loss, or any other result. Vahlsing is not a financial institution or a bank; nor are we a brokerage firm or financial advisors.

In Addition, Vahlsing is seeking angel investors that have their own funds. Vahlsing's opportunity is a strict investment. We do not accept outside contracts. We do not accept bank instruments. This is not a partnership opportunity. This opportunity is for high risk experienced accredited investors ONLY via a private placement subscription agreement contract.   


We get a lot of ghost inquiries that are not serious investors; so we would need investors full information (name, address and phone) to be able to send them the Vahlsing business plan with its attachments. 



Vahlsing Inc. will cooperate on a "deal maker's fee" upon the success of a deal. Vahlsing will not pay out any advance fees of any kind; and Vahlsing does not accept bank wire transfers. You must present a valid certified check (a bank check) written by a well known USA commercial bank (the paper document) accompanied with the signed private placement subscription agreement contract to participate in this opportunity. There must be a paper trail.  




Vahlsing Inc. is an intellectual property owner and has several original screenplays on hand ready for production. The five titled screenplays listed below are for the future production into full length feature films for distribution. Some of the original screenplays listed below are a series of stories (meaning many motion pictures from a certain character, theme, etc.). It is estimated that the cost to produce a quality major motion picture today is $45,000,000.




(This story's subject matter is love, tragedy, psychic weird karma, spirit prediction; and socially unacceptable romantic relationship of which is viewed by some. Music score, heavy metal throughout this film with the exception of the scenes in the ASTROLOGY BAR & GRILL dance club.)

...This movie also involves obnoxious ghosts and some minor erotica; besides a gruesome auto accident with an animal; of which the driver dies on impact. "THREE PERSONALITIES" carries a twist, as to the audience believing what is being presented in the story, ends up being a change of circumstances in the end. Vahlsing feels that "THREE PERSONALITIES" will have an "R" rating. This story contains dark heavy metal music, and is a love story; whereas an older woman falls in love with a younger guy that is a drummer in a heavy metal band. Product Placement Advertising is being offered throughout the movie's scenes.

NOTE: To help raise funds for the "THREE PERSONALITIES" project; Vahlsing is accepting Product Placement Advertising now for this motion picture at $150,000 U.S. dollars per each product (as long as the advertiser's product is not X-rated). Vahlsing will agree to give your product a four to five second exposure for this early bird Product Placement Advertising offer. Vahlsing will discuss other sponsorship deals with advertisers. But the minimum amount for this early bird Product Placement Advertising is at least $150,000 U.S. dollars per each product advertising deal if you are under contract with us now. This product placement advertising offer will increase as we get farther into production.     




(Love story / adoption issue. Assortment music score.)




(Powerful woman, of which is also a clairvoyant stops pervasive terrorist. Classical movie music score.)




(A series of feature film stories that consists of falling in love, big business owners, paparazzi, stock manipulation take-over, retired government employees, etc.  Assortment music score.)




(A series of feature film stories of his file cases. Superhero Mr. Zeal's business is to defend and to protect freedom at all costs; and his services are reconnaissance, offensive aggressive protection, security, defensive high risk guarding, radical investigations, apprehending villains, removing a disturbance, espionage, provoking chaos, liberate a country, assassination, invasion and  war-he takes no prisoners. Assortment music score.)


Please contact us if you can be of assistance.


Look Beyond the Stars for Spiritual Guidance,

Christina M. Vahlsing, Vahlsing Inc.



Skype phone: vahlsinginc



NOTE: Vahlsing sounds like waltzing, only with a V. Siberian Tigers are our logo. I speak one language and that is English.


Snail mail address:

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Attn: Christina M. Vahlsing   

13170 Central Ave. SE, Suite B159,    

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